What Next For Kenyan Elections After The Death Of IEBC ICT Manager Chris Musando?

Chris Musando Dead Msando Murder Who Killed Chris Musando Msando

If fear is what the killers of Chris Musando wanted to instill, they successfully did so. The death of one man has shoved a clear message down Kenyans' throats, the rules of the game are no longer respectful of your life. And for an election that is almost solely dependent on an electronic system, a lot remain to be speculated.
The Kenya Integrated Elections Management System is a system Chris Musando had continuously boasted of being completely fraud proof. He said the system was encrypted and had detection capabilities that totally ruled out the chances of it being the loophole in any rigging plans either side of the political divide had.
The system, according to him, cannot allow you to vote twice and will sound an alarm if you tried to do so. The system will compare the results relayed to it with the number of registered voters in a given polling station in specific time intervals therefore blocking out the chances of stuffing ballot boxes to give a more than 100% voter turnout as witnessed in some parts of the country in 2007.
One major thing that Musando repeatedly said in his media tours was that the technology used in 2013 elections did not fail. Humans failed the technology. He admitted the elections body did not adequately train its staff on the technology. Some of the IEBC staff did not even know how to power on the devices. He then went ahead to assure Kenyans that these mistakes had been learned from and the loopholes sealed.
The fact that he died drives one point home. The technology was never going to fail. And so wasn't the human.
Chris Musando was tortured. And for a man who was not holding a political office at IEBC, it is almost impossible he was being tortured for rubbing shoulders with the wrong people. There are high chances Chris Musando was being tortured for extraction of information. Did his killers want encryption keys? Did they want log in credentials?
If Chris Musando's killers managed to crack before him before his death then people have a lot to worry about. Any information the killers might have obtained from Chris Musando could heavily impact on the credibility of the general elections or even its success in general.
While the police owe it to the family of Chris Musando and the general public to unravel the motive behind the killing, IEBC needs to be ahead of the enemy and take preventive measures to avert disaster.
For starters, login credentials, and especially those of Chris Musando and the entire ICT staff, need an overhaul. And the integrity of the system must be audited. To the dead we nothing but the truth.

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