Seven Steps To Get A Girl’s Phone Number. Like A Boss!

Seven steps to get a girl’s phone number. Like a boss!

You have not even heard her voice. Yet one glance at her drives you crazy and you start wondering how you can take this to the next level. You may not have enough time to talk to her, so you need more time to introduce fully yourself. That is why you need her phone number. 
We rarely text each other via SMS these days, so once you have that number you will call her or chat on WhatsApp. The problem is many women will not just hand over their number to you. Especially if you look ordinary or unsure of yourself. Worry not; here are seven proven steps to increase your chances of getting those digits. 
  • Be Calm
I mean, what is the worst that could happen if she does not give it to you? You will not die and besides, there are many girls out there. Girls will smell nervousness on you from a mile away. Avoid showing it.
  • Be Confident
Girls love confident men. As you approach her, show that you love who you are and you enjoy making new friends. Once she can sense that you are comfortable, she will also get comfortable.   
  • Be Attentive
Women love attention. Make her the center of your attention and stand/sit facing her with your body at ease. Listen to her as she speaks. Occasionally, refer to something she said earlier. It shows you are a good listener.
  • Be Funny
Okay, not everyone is a comedian. However, you have made someone laugh before, right? Repeat that without being excessive. Charm her with your humor. Do not go overboard. Just simple stuff.
  • Be Open
Once the conversation is past the introduction stage, take it to the next level. Ensure that you are not asking too much and telling too little. Balance the conversation without going too deep.
  • Compliment Her
Tell her something that appreciates either her dressing or personality. Stay away from blurting that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. Stick to simple things and say she has a cute smile or that you love her shoes.
  •   Close The Deal
Well, this point depends on where you are on the charm level. Experienced dudes just hold out their phones to the girl and say, “I really like you. Give me your number.” This usually catches girls off guard and they have no option but save the number in your phone themselves. Otherwise, if you are still learning, be nice. Say that it was fun meeting her. Excuse yourself, and give an option to continue the conversation later over dinner, drinks etc. Then ask for her number. If it does not work, shrug it off and do not be mean. Just say it was great to meet her anyway. Class:)

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