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Mary Magdalene and Jesus Affair

Mary Magdalene and Jesus Affair

In an interview when asked why he smashes his guitar to bits at every performance, this is what Jimmy Hendrix says, "I destroy my guitar at the end of a song as a sacrifice. You sacrifice things you love. I love my guitar."
In similar fashion was the relationship between Jesus and Mary.
In Mary Magdalene Speaks from Heaven, Mary reveals that she often than most times would follow Jesus early in the morning whilst he prayed before the disciples could wake and join him. It's after one such event that she walks up to Him and wonders loudly if Jesus will ever marry.
Our Savior reportedly laughed it off, with love. Told Mary Magdalene that he'd not marry anyone not even her.
Allow me to pull your attention to the beauty of Mary Magdalene by the very words she used. "I am exquisitely beautiful and stunning. If I were on earth now, I would only have to walk into a modeling agency and say, "I want to take some shots to see if I can be a model," and the modeling agencies of the world would clamor over me." It's therefore out of place to suggest anything more ever came out her undying love for Christ.
Out of this love for Christ she bankrolled the early church and we suspect was responsible for the many voyages of the apostles narrated across the Bible. She was a wealthy highly educated and possessed the intelligence an average Pharisee couldn't acquire. She goes on to reveal more about her life as a high call girl before she turned around and walked the narrow path.
She saw Jesus on the morning of His ressurection. A meeting in which Jesus expressly asked her not to touch Him for He was just ressurected from hell to his body and was yet to ascend to the Father.

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