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Swingers By Day, Wives by Night.

Swingers By Day, Wives by Night.

The Housewives of Kenya made a united statement on air regarding their hapless state within the home. Stating how their abled husbands leave in the morning without a care for their daily needs, monetary needs that is, the women in one accord confirmed every man's wildest suspicion.
 The woman cheats more than the man.
One particular caller was very vocal on how insufficient funds single handedly drove her into another man's bed. Another marital bed mind you. It's like a swinging club but with the effort of a masquerade mask. We have no means to verify the information apart from taking her word for it that she's allowed only fifty shillings for the day and has to wait till evening for anything more than necessary.
Seeing as there's a lot of wiggle room around the issue of constrained finances as taking up employment, informal formal or part time as they present themselves. It occurred to us that it's more than the money that draws the housewife of Kenya into another man's bed.

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