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Moo Easter Eggs To Fry

Moo Easter Eggs To Fry

Residents of Lugusi village in Webuye, Western Kenya have been left calling for the blood and quick excommunication of one 25 year old man after catching him in what they term, ungodly acts that may bring ill winds to the doors of The Wanga.
In the height of Easter festivities as residents remained passive, chewing dead chickens and making merry they were roused by the shrill voice of a troubled cow owner
The man was caught pants down sticking it to neighbors cow. The unfortunate animal had gone missing from the tether whence it was pegged by the owner. On walking around seeking her animal, the woman came upon the unsightly happenings.
The man whose name is withheld took the cow to secluded area and bound it's rear legs. He bound the legs so firmly the animal couldn't move and kick him back into his senses.
Area Chief Nayombe said they had already called a veterinary officer to check on the health condition of the abused animal and assured that the boy would meet very stiff endings from the law and the community back to back.
Bestiality is illegal as per the laws of Kenya and Animal Rights activism is not yet as ripe in the nation as would be desired to bring such individuals to book.

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