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Chiefs Walking A Tight Rope.

Chiefs Walking A Tight Rope.

Dereliction of duty has been a hallmark of many civil servants and office bearers in Kenya for far too long. This ensures service provision and agenda execution come to a great stop.
Five chiefs in Narok South were called on their sins in public after missing a meeting with the county commissioner. In his wrath Commissioner Natembeya, listing the five by name, demanded written explanations on his desk detailing what duties warrants the chiefs abscond great a meeting as his. Natembeya reminded the citizens in his twenty years of civil service starting as District Officer he'd never seen chiefs and assistant chiefs miss such crucial a meeting.
"You are the eyes of the government " he continued. Confirming the huge duty of chiefs in nation building and policy formulation.
He went further and opened vacancies for the jobs if the chiefs did not respond with convincing alibis and said he won't work with uncooperative officials who undermine the structure of government.
This is not the first time chiefs are being ran down by the government for insubordination. President Uhuru in his campaign for second term alluded to 'taking a look' at the chiefs once in office.

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