The Earth is Flat: Conclusive Evidence

The Earth is Flat: Conclusive Evidence
It is clear to many among-st us that our beloved planet has numerous secrets and mysteries that it desires be not revealed to any regular Jack And Jill. Speculations have been ripe now than ever, than even the times of prosecution for merely thinking these things that I boldly will tell today.
The Earth is flat.
However, this is not the conclusion that we are driving at today. Hysteria and much balderdash has clouded the realization that most of earth's inhabitants have come upon by sheer strength of will.
The hype surrounding flat earth theory is generated by a select class of individuals who up-to recently made us believe the earth was elliptical and the solar system is held together by gravity. This elite class has jumped onto the flat earth theory with a singular aim of mocking and eventually decaying the truths by shrouding it in jokes memes and inaccurate testimonials.
From an unknown location on good green earth for now that is, I came upon the conclusion that earth is as flat as the electrocardiogram of your hopes.
Earth is a cube. A cube has six faces, these faces are the flat surfaces of earth. A cube has edges, these edges are the horizon-for lack of better words. With this discovery we hereby put to bed this debacle. Consider this a final transmission.

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