Risper Faith And Brian Share Footage From Their Lavish Wedding

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After a long hiatus from the public eye, newly married Risper Faith and Brian have come out to share footage from their wedding that was highly private.
The couple had hyped the event on Nairobi Diaries where they were both casts. The wedding was part of numerous story lines including those of Pendo and Bridget.
Pendo was allegedly kicked out of the bride's lineup after hitting on Brian while Bridget was the one supporting Brian and Risper Faith from the jaws of Mishi Dora.
There was great surprise however when Risper Faith did not invite any of Nairobi Diaries cast members and instead decided to go highly private. Shaffie Weru and Prezzo were on the guest list.
Risper Faith and Brian have started a YouTube channel to document their life, following in the footsteps of celebrities like Size 8 and DJ Mo who have YouTube channels where they document their family lives and also use it as a business platform.
Risper Faith and Brian were kicked out of Nairobi Diaries after asking for a higher pay even though their clout and fan base was not worth the price they were asking for.
Watch the video here.

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