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Poverty Comes in Doses to Eldoret.

Poverty Comes in Doses to Eldoret.

Collusion between armed robbers and law enforcement has been speculated upon for quite some time with little coming to light but the occasional fallout of the two that ends in shootouts.
However, In Langas Eldoret, residents are loudly complaining about the robbers who come sophisticated and coordinated. They have used nerve agents and sleep inducing methods to render the victims unconscious before relieving them off possessions.
Whenever these persons are apprehended it takes less than three business days before they are spotted prowling in town and probably scheming for the next job. Residents fail to understand what laws they are governed under given the repeat occurrence of this event.
Uasin Gishu county security committee has come out guns blazing and showed to tackle this new wave of crime systematically from the root upwards. Residents of Langas still fall to deep slumber and wake lower on the poverty the scale than they were.

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