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USD500,000 Priest Missing.

USD500,000 Priest Missing.

Kidnappers visited a church in Goma city North Kivu province at the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.
The men captured one priest in their wake. This is not the first time a man of cloth has been taken by the kidnappers. In July of 2017 two priests were kidnapped in similar fashion as Was The taking of three priests in 2012. None of the taken clergymen have been recovered alive or dead.
The kidnappers have demanded a ransom of $500000 for the return of Fr. Celestin Nagango whom they took in their latest attack. Addressing this random demand to the National Episcopal Division of the Church. It is not clear what fate met the last five parishioners to be taken since no communication was received regarding them from either kidnappers or the church.

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