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Miguna Miguna Is A Spoilt Child

Miguna Miguna Is A Spoilt Child

In a Jubilant Facebook post Dennis Itumbi has officially summarized the facts around Miguna's poor traveling plans.
1. Final confirmation is that MM left for Toronto last night at 00.30 hours aboard AC 057 and was able to produce his Canadian passport for travel.
2. UAE authorities will most likely investigate how Miguna got his Canadian passport back after failing to produce it to the authorities on departure from Kenya and arrival in Dubai.
3. Kenya will also investigate how that passport got back to him.
4. Kenya Embassy in Dubai tried to assist Miguna to regularize his dual Citizenship that would help him get into Kenya he declined.
5. Canadian consular officials in Dubai also tried to help him get a Visa into Kenya and he declined.
6. Kenya remains keen to ensure Miguna's dual citizenship is regularized at the earliest opportunity and upon his willingness to cooperate.
Not to be a sore tooth but the ecstasy is a bit downplayed and Miguna has surely come to the end of the road, what with concealing passports in quest for cheap drama. The only surerity in this list is on point 3. That will not happen as promised.

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