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Weaning Children on Death.

Weaning Children on Death.

Reluctance to talk of death with kids has caused some degree of unrealistic interest in death from the same kids, children have grown to adore and clutch at the hems of cults mimicking the death day parade and all sorts of disturbing semblance of death.
Cultural traditions and confusion-ism are a great factor in most settings where death in itself is a taboo by many lengths, talking of death, asking of death, death totems and the whole shebang.
In China, the number four and white colors make a short list of all the taboo related to bad luck and death eventually. These are to be avoided wholly in conversation in settings that are still holding to the culture.
When pressed about it, as death comes calling on relatives and pets, parents have developed shut down mechanisms to throw kids off the scent of death. Most will make appealing lies about far away farms, heaven, better places or in the sky to become stars.
Until later on these lies serve a purpose to numb the child in the face of death and adversity.
Studies suggest every 4-5 year old will ask this question endlessly until they have outgrown or been addressed amicably. The unsatisfied quota quickly gets to exploration of death and may end on one edge of a broad scale
University of Missouri research lends death a hand by postulating that death brings positive behavior, more hope more kindness, lower divorce rates and in general improves the state of human relations and interactions. This is drawing from calamity and disaster that claims multiple lives in which anyone would have perished.
Child psychologists suggest that children be brought into the loop concerning death if at all their future well-being is to be secured. This may be undertaken using literature material and artistic styles that impress positive contribution of individuals who eventually die.

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