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Broadcasting Lies

Broadcasting Lies

Common assumptions during the state sponsored nationwide shutting down of television and radio broadcasters were informed on the basis of curtailing information freedoms of the mass to collect receiving and distribution of this information. Few do not bother to ask what exactly were the losses and gains, what actually happened during the black days?
Broadcasting houses did not go all rants and chants against the state because of your rights to information my good friend.  Broadcasting houses did not run to the courts or quote constitutional rights because your rights matter. If at all, they should be shut down permanently for blatantly misleading the masses through misinformation, omission and commissioning of what they see fit for their narratives.
Our broadcasters have been in bed with the state and have let down not only you buy the very constitution they bark about all over the place. They cried for leniency because of the losses accrued when you don't watch Mexican soaps and sappy content from the Philippines. The never ending advertising that interlace all content being aired. That's what they missed. They wanted their pockets refilled and we'll padded.
The broadcasters were in no way hurt by your 72hour absence in front of a screen they were bleeding from inside.

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