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Luxury Has A New Name.

Luxury Has A New Name.

All good people of the night and one-timers know that integral bonding is not communal or complete without a kilo or three of well roasted meat to stabilize the body for what's to come next.
Vendors and butchers in the outskirts of Nairobi have recorded significant losses stemming from the government's decision to quickly choke charcoal production and sale in the country. Evening chewing of roast meat is common in most towns and cities with large middle classes.
The government's banning of charcoal business has spiked the rise in costs of choma, initially a sackful of charcoal sold at KES1700 and now goes for a sober KES3000 as the commodity continues to dwindle in supply. This quickly translates to high prices of choma at the street level, a cost consumers would rather not face. This leaves the business at crossroads and many thriving choma havens threaten to die into ghost towns.

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