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Why State Should Shut Broadcasters Permanently

Why State Should Shut Broadcasters Permanently

It's a crucial part of the state's agenda to maintain accurate information and distribute the same to its populace without the meddling of rating hungry individuals out to make profits on air masquerading as independent, authoritative news broadcasters. This is a job solely for the state, fail it may and multiple times it will but be damned with everyone assuming that since its enshrined in the constitution to have an opinion makes their opinion way heavier than the greater good.
It is this allowance of multiple players in the information industry that suggests it's better for us, the citizenry and the nation's welfare that these broadcasters be run out of business. We already have enough distortions to information springing from accessible social media platforms and news feeds on the internet that it's almost insanity to cry for more uncredible sources of news. This bone has to be picked and buried in a way that finding it shall be a thing of tales.
We could have a select broadcasting houses for material that qualifies such as sports, government documentaries about the working of counties. Breakdown of how they state is run instead of early morning bile on TV and indecent material on the FM. These freedoms we enjoy are a luxury at the cost of basic needs of the state and the masses.

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