Snoozing the Biological Ticker.

Snoozing the Biological Ticker.

Businesses function under the premise of maximum outputs for minimal input and anything that threatens this balance is quickly acquired, ran out of business or subtly interfered with.

Organisations and premises world over have developed practices to ensure they are always at full productivity at all time no issue withstanding.

One such policy is the drafting of a schedule to control the number of work personnel absent from duty for natural causes as marriage and child birth.

A Nursery worker has found herself on the wrong side of employment and standard business practices as it became evident she was heavy with child yet the schedule indicated her turn wasn't coming until six months later.

Her management termed this as a very selfish move on her side, getting pregnant before her seniors. Most who have been waiting for their turn way longer. It also affirmed that she wouldn't be receiving the perks of working less hours or leave of any sorts since she's clearly in breach of the company regulations.

One 26 year old woman was told expressly by her employer not to have children until she clocks 35 years of age seeing to how her input is crucial in the small firm.

This practice is observed in small firms that provide crucial support or services to large industries whose skill set is difficult to acquire and therefore leading to stringent regulations regarding slack.

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