Child Homosexual Ring Unearthed

Child Homosexual Ring Unearthed
A concerned parent stormed the school premises where her son attends primary school with her inebriated and partially dysfunctional offspring in tow. She says her boy came home in the wee hours in that singular state and demanded to know under what circumstances was her son being influenced thus.
The boy a class eight pupil on regaining function of his senses revealed what is currently baffling scores of parents at Grasslands Primary School in Kipsongo.
He admitted to have been drinking alcohol and participating in the very homosexual acts he could describe with his vocabulary. The pupil further identified  eighteen other boys with whom he was recruited into the damned cult.
He named a prominent local business man as the origin of this decay, the man is alleged to have recruited the boys on basis of poverty alleviation and what not, it's however clear this man was defiling and misleading children at a very crucial developmental stage for self cognition.
The man initially turned one student who was used to influence the other pupils going back to class five. He is supposedly responsible for intoxicating the children before involving them in demeaning sexual acts, it's not known whether he acts as an individual or entity.
Parents, teachers and locals are blamed heavily for not raising suspicion or noticing behavior changes in these children, children who have been participating in deviant sexual behavior for five years. What have the parents been occupied with to warrant such abuse and misleading of their youngins?
Grasslands Primary School is located in an informal settlement in Sabaot at Kipsongo and headed by Wahome Ngunyi who attributes this calamity to the settings and environment of the school. The boys are currently in counseling for psychological trauma.

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