Jacque Maribe Saga: What We Have Covered So Far

From the time she was drawn into the murder case by association to her fiance, Joe Irungu, to the time she was remanded at the Langata Women's Prison. We shall keep updating this article for your convenience, and for your follow up on how far the case has gone. Here is how Daily Updates has covered the Jacque Maribe saga by headline;

😍Blood Is Thicker! Jacque Maribe's Dad Stands By Her Side In Court [VIDEO]

When everyone leaves your side, when all betray you, your family will always stand by you. Despite the case haunting his daughter, Jacque Maribe's father took time to attend Tuesday's court proceeding and encourage his daughter. A video by K24 even shows the two smiling perhaps telling Jacque that this will end.

Tears As Court Directs Jacque Maribe To Be Remanded At Langata Women Prison

TV anchor Jacque Maribe could not hold back her tears when the High Court directed that she will be remanded at the Lang'ata Women Prisons. She was unfortunate to land in a case presided by Justice Jessie Lessit, who is known for her judgement to sentence former Miss Lang'ata Prisons to death.

Joe Irungu Was Sacked After He Was Caught Inside Female Staff Quarters In Dubai

A report by the Daily Nation indicates that Joe Irungu, the suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani, was sacked after he was caught in restricted female staff quarters while working in Dubai. The report further states that it was not the first time it happened as he was once caught inside a guest's room, which is against hotel policy.

Court Orders Jacque Maribe And Joe Irungu To Remain In Police Custody

The High Court has ordered that suspects Joe Irungu and Jacque Maribe to remain in police custody until next Monday when they will be presented to take their plea. Justice Jessie Lessit further directed that Jacque Maribe be taken for a mental assessment and Joe Irungu be given medical treatment.

Jacque Maribe, Joe Irungu To Be Charged With Murder, ODPP Now Confirms

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has confirmed that Joseph Kuria Irungu alias "Jowie" and Jacqueline Wanjiru Maribe will be charged with murder contrary to section 203 of the Penal Code. He further directed that they be presented to the High Court to face charges.

Suspect Joe Irungu Has Not Given Any DNA Samples, Says Father

The father of the main suspect in the death of Monica Kimani says news reports are false and that his son has not given any DNA samples. Various reports have claimed that Joe Irungu's DNA was matched to the samples collected at the scene of the businesswoman's mother.

Drama As Joe Irungu's Parents Contradict Each Other

The parents of Joe Irungu have come to give their version of the story about the happenings of the night that businesswoman, Monica Kimani was murdered. In an interview by NTV's Dennis Okari, Joe's biological father spoke on his view on the charges that haunt his son.

The Shocking Change In Jacque Maribe's Face After Stay In Prison

People say money changes people but it is prison that really does change people. Jacque Maribe is a far cry from the premium celebrity we all knew.

Jacque Maribe Flips The Boat, Becomes State Witness Against Fiance Joe Irungu

Television journalist will not be charged with aiding and abetting the crime of murder after all. This is after she recanted her earlier statement that she was drunk when driving Joe Irungu to hospital and could not recall anything.

Jacque Maribe: Opulence, Pizzazz, Connections. End Of An Era?

Jacqueline Wanjiru Maribe. Glam, intellect and the high table. She is, with no doubt, a darling on our screens. Her persona exudes confidence and exuberance that we associate with the top class. She had one more thing: connections. The photos are enough evidence that she has brushed shoulders with the mighty in this country and beyond.

#TBT Comes Early: Letter From Dennis Itumbi To Jacque Maribe

In a letter dedicated to Jacque Maribe and penned by Dennis Itumbi, he talks of the sadness he is in when he missed her birthday. Rumours went around that they were an item some time ago and this letter shows how much affection he had for Jacque.

😍Cuteness Overload! Jacque Maribe And Her Son (PHOTOS)

Despite the torment Jacque Maribe is going through at the moment, let's take time to celebrate her handsome son and the moments they shared together as mother and son. Please do not cry. This is too cute even for us here. 😍😍

Did Jacque Maribe Predict Her Woes With These IG Posts?

You can call it a sign, maybe even a warning from the gods. Sometimes we say things that become true in future. When Jacque Maribe posted these Instagram posts in the past and their message and truth strike hard now when she is under investigation by Kenyan police.

Twitter "Feminists" Eat Humble Pie After Proof That Jacque Maribe Was Linked To Murder

Never judge a book by its cover. While by law, we are all innocent until proven guilty, some twitter users found themselves in embarrassment after their initial defence of Jacque Maribe ended in a string questions as the case unravelled.

Jacque Maribe Sells Out Joe Irungu In An Apparent Plea Deal

Television journalist Jacque Maribe has admitted to the police that her boyfriend and murder suspect Joe Irungu attempted to take his own life in her house in Lang'ata on the night that Monica Kimani was murdered in Kilimani Estate. Jacque Maribe said that Joe Irungu shot himself in the chest after a serious argument.

We Have A Solid Case: Prosecutors Say On Joe Irungu And Jacque Maribe

A document seen by Daily Updates shows that the prosecution in the murder of Monica Kimani has a solid case. The main suspects, Joe "Jowie" Irungu and Jacque Maribe are both in police custody as the prosecutions firm up their case.

Ultimate Test Of Power And Friendship. Can Denis Itumbi Get Jacque Maribe Out Of This Mess?

It is an open secret that Jacque Maribe made it clear to the detectives who were questioning her that the case was going nowhere. She might have been alluding to the fact that she knows people in high places in this country.

Esther Arunga Déjà Vu, Jacque Maribe's Saga Gives Chilling Familiarities

Flourishing media careers, wayward men, mysterious deaths and drama. Welcome to the world of media personalities haunted by controversy. Former news anchor, Esther Arunga went through a shocking transformation to quit her job at KTN, engage herself in legal battles and finally leave the country, persona bruised and battered.

Terryanne Chebet Denies Any Connection To Jacque Maribe And Monica Kimani Murder

The chief executive officer of Fanaka Television has come out to deny any connections to the unfortunate events that led to the death of Monica Kimani that occurred in an apartment in Kilimani Estate.

Guilt Trip! Terryanne Chebet Finally Forced To Defend Jacque Maribe

Chief executive officer of Fanaka Television Terryanne Chebet has for the first time publicly shown her best friend Jacque Maribe emotional support as she fights her current woes in the murder probe of Monica Kimani.

Jacque Maribe To Stay In Cell For 10 More Days As Investigations Continue

Jacque Maribe will be detained in court for 10 more days as the prosecution continues with investigation. The prosecution had requested for 14 more days to conclude investigation into the murder of Monica Kimani. Ms Maribe's fiance, Joe Irungu is also a guest of the state and investigations continue to unearth the mystery of the businesswoman's death.

Jacque Maribe's Lawyer Expresses Frustration Over Access To His Client

Katwa Kigen, the lawyer representing Jacque Maribe, has expressed frustration over the way the police have made it difficult to access his client. Speaking in a submission when Ms Maribe was presented at the Kiambu Law Courts, Mr Kigen said his client is under "a lot of pressure".

Jacque Maribe In Court: A Look At Her Options

Disgraced TV presenter, Jacque Maribe was on Monday morning presented at the Kiambu courts on accusations of being an accessory to the murder of Monica Kimani. She faces risk of time in prison if found guilty of being involvement in the gruesome money.

Why Joe Irungu Attempted To Kill Himself After Monica Kimani Murder

Details from highly credible sources indicate that Joseph Irungu alias Jowi may have shot himself in an apparent suicide mission moments before the police arrested him in connection with the murder of 29 year old Monica Kimani. According to Citizen Television, which ran the story, Joseph Irungu tried to kill himself inside Jacque Maribe's house.

Shiks Kapyenga, Terryanne Chebet Summoned Over The Monica Kimani Murder

Three journalists who are part of a group known as The Circle have been allegedly summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for interrogations in relation to the murder of Monica Kimani in Kilimani.

Exclusive: Was Murder Suspect Joe Irungu Trained In The British Army ? Old IG Account Suggests

An old Instagram account belonging to murder suspect Joe Irungu a.k.a Jowie has revealed new details in the life of the mysterious man connected to the murder of Monica Kimani. The Instagram account, spotted by curious Kenyans show a life in the younger Jowie, with several pictures showing his life in the United Kingdom.

Dilemma! Why It Is So Difficult To Snitch On A Murder Suspect

Jacque Maribe is between a rock and a hard place, there is no doubt about that. Researchers say that love is a compulsive disorder, and that we do things for our loved ones; things we would not often do. Why did it take long for Jacque Maribe to come out and write another statement with the police?

Gun, Money, Clothes: This Is Why Jacque Maribe Was Arrested?

Unconfirmed reports paint a grim picture for Jacque Maribe, a picture in which irrefutable evidence makes things complicated. From evading police and lawyers earlier in the week, to conflicting statements from her fiance, Joe Irungu, this puzzle is fitting in faster that we thought.

Monica Kimani Saw Her Death Coming, Sounded Terrified Of The Future.

Perhaps pure coincidence, perhaps fate, but it seems Monica Kimani was worried about her future. What's unsettling is that sometimes we worry about our fate way before something happens. Sometimes, sadly, we are right. The late Monica Kimani sent out a tweet on 23rd September 2011.. I wish i could see the future....

Two Lives: The Monica Kimani Before And After Wealth

Daily Updates went behind the scenes to investigate and build a social profile of a woman whose date with death came at a time when it was all starting to get better. Monica Nyawira Kimani died under the hands of brutal killers who snuffed out her life either for money and/or business interests.

Jacque Maribe Sent On Compulsory Leave Just Before Arrest

Perhaps in a bid to disentangle itself from this murder case, Royal Media Services has apparently sent TV journalist on a compulsory leave. The lady will be fully paid the whole period during which she will be on the leave.

Jacque Maribe Is Staring At Life Imprisonment With Wide Eyes

An accomplice under Kenya's laws is someone who knowingly, voluntarily and with common interest, participates in the commission of a crime, and can be charged with the same crime(s) for which the accused will be tried.

Who Started The Rumour That Monica Kimani Was Employed At The Kenyan Embassy In Juba?

The mystery of the murder of the 28 year old businesswoman, Monica Kimani is as strange as it is twisted. The Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs now say that they have no record of the employment of Monica Kimani in their database.

Breaking News: Jacque Maribe Arrested By Police

Embattled TV Journalist has been arrested by police following the emergence of new evidence in relation with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. Maribe, whose fiance Joe Irungu is still in police custody is connected to the murder in which Miss Monica Kimani was found dead in her apartment in Kilimani.

Friends Desert Jacque Maribe In Her Greatest Time Of Need

Within the last few days, television journalist Jacque Maribe has witnessed a drastic change in her life. The people in the media industry she called friends are no where to be seen. Her life is crumbling before our eyes.

I Regret Nothing! Did Joe Irungu's Instagram Post Allude To His Real Job?

The increased scrutiny of Joe Irungu's Instagram account forced him to make the account private and only accessible to some followers. He awaits the completion of police investigation while in their custody but reports show that he might have been a private mercenary.

You're Dealing With A Dangerous Man, Neighbours Say Of Murder Suspect Joe Irungu

The twists and turns of the Monica Kimani murder saga continue as it turns out the main suspect, Joe Irungu is connected to a high profile network of individuals in the country. It is said that high ranking government officials visited him when he was arrested and he even mocked detectives saying the case was going nowhere.

Monica Kimani Finally Laid To Rest In Gilgil

The remains of Monica Nyawira Kimani were finally laid to rest today at her ancestral home in Gilgil. This is despite the mystery that surrounds her death and questions raised about her lifestyle before her death. The sombre ceremony was attended by local leaders, family and friends as they bid goodbye to their daughter who died in the hands of savage killers.

Murder Suspect Joe Irungu Was Broke, Housed By Jacque Maribe

Charming. Wicked. Irresistible. Joe Irungu a.k.a Jowie is the man your mother warned you about. Drama is a close friend to him, yet you did not see that. Reports now indicate that the although trained as private security in known security outfits in Dubai and Afghanistan, when in Kenya, Joe has seasonal security gigs.

She Dated Old South Sudanese Politicians. The Dark Side Of Monica Kimani And Her Family

The gruesome death of Monica Kimani in an apartment in Kilimani has sparked a national debate on the source of money that funded her lavish lifestyle in and out of the country. Her father has described her as a hardworking woman who held no grudges with anyone.

Monica Kimani's Facebook Account Deleted? Here's What We Know

In the kerfuffle resulting from the untimely murder of one Monica Kimani, the arrest of Joe Irungu and the involvement of TV journalist, Jacque Maribe interesting twists keep happening that leaves Kenyans confusions. As more scrutiny developed over the life of the slain businesswoman, blogs and journalists went to peruse her profile on Facebook.

Jacque Maribe Shows Up At Police Station Wearing Joe Irungu's Cap

Jacque Maribe, a person of interest in Monica Kimani's murder, has finally resurfaced from hiding to record a statement at Kilimani DCI. jackie maribe parents where was jackie maribe born jacque maribe profile jacque maribe parents jacque maribe son jackie maribe and dennis itumbi jacque maribe birthday jackie maribe wikipedia

You Used To Ignore Me! Willis Raburu Bashes Jacque Maribe For Calling Him When She's In Trouble

Willis Raburu has come out in the open to attack Jacque Maribe for ignoring him in the past only to tap the phonebook looking for him when she lands in trouble.

How Fate's Wicked Humour Ensured Jacque Maribe Broke The News On Monica Kimani's Death

If you haven't watched it yet, then prepare to be left in shock. In a murder mystery that drew in Jacque Maribe, fate decided to give one for the thought as it turns out she actually broke the news on TV about the mortifying murder of Monica Kimani.

SHOCKING: Insensitive Friend Brags How Monica Kimani Ignored Him Yet Now He Digs Her Grave

Perhaps insensitive, perhaps callous, maybe even reckless, but the comments of one Jere Manxi on Facebook have rubbed netizens the wrong way after he mentioned he knew the late Monica Kimani and that she ignored a friend request.

Cliff Ombeta, Kenya's Top Criminal Lawyer And A Suspect's Best Bet

He is smart. He is experienced. Meet Cliff Ombeta, a top Kenyan criminal lawyer that many run to when they are in trouble. Governor Obado found him, now Jacque Maribe has requested for his services. He must be good at what he does.

PDA! Romantic Moments Between Jacque Maribe And Murder Suspect Boyfriend Joe Irungu

Television journalist Jacque Maribe and her murder suspect boyfriend Joseph Irungu alias Jowi Jowi have never been shy about their relationship. Their romance has played out on social media since its inception.

Speculations Worsen As Jacque Maribe Reportedly Ignores Calls From Police

Speculations are rife after media outlets reported that TV personality, Jacque Maribe has not answered calls from the police or her lawyer. Furthermore, Jacque did not report to work yesterday, after the saga surrounding the involvement of her fiance in the murder of Monica Kimani.

Kenyans Attack Mwalimu Rachel For Dragging Jacque Maribe's Name Into The Monica Murder

The police arrested Joe Irungu, popularly known as Jowi Jowi, in connection to the gruesome murder of a lady by the name Monica Kimani whose lifeless body was found in a bathtub in an apartment on Dennis Pritt road.

The Curse Of Fame: Jacque Maribe's Name Dragged Into Her Fiance's Drama

Jacque Maribe's boyfriend was arrested for suspected involvement in the murder of one Monica Nyawira Kimani at her apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi. The 28-year old Monica was found dead by her brother with her throat slit open in a murder grotesque and mysterious unlike any Kenyans have seen.


Court Orders Jacque Maribe And Joe Irungu To Remain In Police Custody

Jacque Maribe, Joe Irungu To Be Charged With Murder, ODPP Now Confirms

Friends Desert Jacque Maribe In Her Greatest Time Of Need

Two Lives: The Monica Kimani Before And After Wealth

Monica Kimani Saw Her Death Coming, Sounded Terrified Of The Future.

You're Dealing With A Dangerous Man, Neighbours Say Of Murder Suspect Joe Irungu

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