Dusit Suicide Bomber Had A Haircut Minutes Before Blowing Himself Up

Dusit Suicide Bomber Had An Haircut Minutes Before Blowing Himself Up

As Kenyans are still trying to come into terms with the events of Dusit D2 that left several dead and scores injured, bizarre details are emerging of the activities of the attackers moments before they commenced their bloodbath.
The terrorists had lunch at the Chicken Inn at OilLibya located on Limuru Road. This was just hours before they proceeded to 14 Riverside Drive Complex where they gained entry by shooting at the guards who were manning the complex.
It is hard to understand why the terrorists saw the need to have lunch even though it was obvious that their death was inevitable based on the mission they were embarking on.
The most bizarre of it all is the fact that the suicide bomber had an haircut before blowing himself up. A social media user whose friend was in the same barber shop with the bomber recounted the incident as told by his friend.
It is hard to comprehend what goes through a suicide bomber's head right before detonating himself but someone said that he could have been nervous because it was his first suicide mission hence the decision to have a haircut.

UPDATE: The suicide bomber was identified by Police as Mahir Khalid, born and brought up in Majengo area of Mombasa. He was 25 years old and had been under the police radar.

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