Inayat Kassam, The Unsung Hero Who Risked His Life Twice For Kenyans in Westgate And Dusit

Inayat Kassam, The Unsung Hero Who Risked His Life Twice For Kenyans in Westgate And Dusit

Meet the man who knows where all the action is at.

Inayat Kassam.

An experienced combats instructor and defence specialist in addition to being an EDA Krav Maga Instructor who has turned up for the second time and won a permanent place in the hearts of many Kenyans.

Kassam first made it to public inquisition during the 2013 Westgate Mall attack, helped chaperone the country's rapid response units to retake the mall.

On the 15th of January as Al Shabaab militants seized Dusit D2 the guardian angel was just on time to the joy and rescue of many.

50 Persons Still Missing From Riverside Attack Say Red Cross

Kassam has been interviewed in the past on the now defunct JKL show after his many heroics at Westgate.

More than all Kenyans wandering around the internet are calling for Kassam to be awarded a national commendations for the sheer sake of his troubles.

Yuri (@ArcherMishale) Tweeted:
If the government was truly serious about honouring actual Kenyan heroes, Inayat Kassam would be top of the list.

But instead, we watch in shame as Head of State Commendations are awarded to people for queuing while carrying githeri in polythene bags.

Inayat Kassam offers classes in self preservation for ladies and teens as well in Nairobi, Kenya.


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