Tanasha Donna Terrified As She Meets Diamond's Mother (VIDEO)

For every woman, meeting a potential mother-in-law is always a tense affair. Stories abound of mothers-in-law who hate their sons' girlfriends and do everything they can to ruin the relationship. This is especially if the son is momma's boy. Over the weekend, Tanasha Donna met Diamond Platinumz mother and her reaction is just as we expected.

Diamond posted the video on his Instagram and captioned it;

Kwenye kukutana na @mama_dangote sasa😂🤣😅 ( Then she met my Beloved Mom... @mama_dangote )
Niwajuze tu hapa STATE HOUSE Mapya, Fenicha zooote nimezinunua pale
#DANUBEHOME, ukitaka nawe pitia katika Mall za @gsmmall au Duka lao pale Mlimani City

The video shows Diamond recording while asking Tanasha to move into what seems like a kitchen. She seems hesitant before the door opens and she hugs Mama Dangote.

Judging by her body language, she is full of nerves at this point.

Diamond's mom even asks her why she is scared.

Yeah. We can understand you Donna. It's never easy to meet a mother-in-law. Especially one that is known to meddle in her son's relationships when she has to.

Here is the video posted on Instagram;

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