BREAKING: Blast And Gun Fire Reported From 14 Riverside, Nairobi

Reports are coming in of a blast and gunshots in the Riverside area of Westlands, Nairobi. Daily Updates are following up on this story and will keep you updated as we get more details.
Our sources say that there appears to be an active shooter in site. 
If you are in the area, please AVOID Riverside Drive at all costs.

FINAL UPDATE: The Riverside rescue operation finally ended on 16th January. Police reports say that at least 21 individuals died during the attack. Kenyan (16), American (1), British (1), Australian (1) and Unidentified (3). Over 700 individuals were rescued from the complex, some with injuries. Al Shabaab claim responsibility for the attack and say it was retaliation for US President Donald Trump's remarks and his recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

UPDATE 23: Kenyan Police Boss Joseph Boinett Gives update saying the operation is still going on and that many were rescued from the premises. Kenya Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) asks Kenyans not to share information of those still trapped inside. You are requested to send a message to 0722839978 and 0721141282.

UPDATE 22: Al Jazeera report that Somalia-based armed group al-Shabab have claimed responsibility for the attack

UPDATE 21: If you are in Nairobi, please try and keep off these roads..

UPDATE 20: Witness says he heard a loud explosion and after he looked through the window, he saw smoke. One of the security officers said that one of the explosions was a suicide bomber at the Secret Garden Hotel that is within 14 Riverside. This is according to a witness speaking to Citizen TV. 

UPDATE 19: Initial reports say that there were 6 gunmen who came into 14 Riverside and threw grenades to access the gate barrier in the location. They then proceeded to the DUSIT D2 Hotel.

UPDATE 18: So far, it is unknown how many people are injured or how many gunmen are in the establishment. At least one casualty has been reported and it is likely that there will be more. Security forces are surrounding the area.

UPDATE 17: Speculation is rife on whether the attack is connected to the Al Shabaab, who masterminded an attack at a Kenya Defence Forces base in El Adde, Somalia. The Battle of El Adde happened in 15 January 2016. Gunshots still renting the area.

UPDATE 16: Security says that Dusit Hotel was the location attacked. Attackers arrived in a vehicle and threw grenades at the security guards at the 14 Riverside. A car is on fire in the location. Nairobi County Fire Department are on location.

UPDATE 15: Rescue Efforts are underway by the Kenya RedCross and Police. You can watch the live updates here. Citizen TV reports that gunmen are holding several people hostage.

UPDATE 14: This is an update from our Security Experts. In the event that this is a hostage situation, do not call your loved ones who are there as it might betray their location to any assailants. Police have responded and are dealing with the issue.

UPDATE 13: The event is live on Citizen TV for those of you in Kenya. You can livestream the happenings on YouTube.

UPDATE 12: No official communication from the Kenya Police Service yet on the matter. We continue to rely on eye witness reports.

UPDATE 11: A video of the area. Daily Updates cannot confirm but it is possible this might be an attack.

UPDATE 10: Reports say that a bomb went off in the area. This tweet might be sensitive to some users. 

UPDATE 9: Daily Updates wishes to inform you that if you have any relatives in the area, please tell them to stay safe and hide indoors. Until we know the real state of the matter, it is not advisable to move around.

Update 8: We just got our first image of the scene. Smoke billows from a section of the premises.

Update 7: A tweet by a distressed Kenyan suggests that this might be more than we think. We hope for the best.

Update 6: If you are situated in any offices in the area. Kindly stay indoors as there might be stray shooting that could harm you.

Update 5: Security agencies have been activated and still you are advised to avoid the area
Update 4 : It seems to be a robbery at a Bank in the area

This is a developing story...

Readers in the area are advised to be careful and exercise caution.

Keep refreshing the story..


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BREAKING: Blast And Gun Fire Reported From 14 Riverside, Nairobi

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