Riverside Attack: What We Know So Far

Riverside Attack: What We Know So Far

Armed gunmen have this evening made forceful entry into dusitD2 Hotel in what police term as a suspected terrorist attack. There are scanty details on what exactly is happening but here are the confirmed facts we know so far.
  • Attackers arrived using two vehicles. One of them has had its number plate identified as KCN 340E.
  • The attackers shot at the security guards manning the gates and forced their entry into 14 Riverside Drive.
  • Further advancing, the attackers hurled explosives at the vehicles that were located at the parking lot, and in the ensuing commotion they made entry into DusitD2 hotel. DusidD2 houses several offices and hotels.
  • Witnesses who were around the hotel and inside but have since been rescued estimate the attackers to have been six in number.
  • The police have neither confirmed the number of the attackers nor the number of casualties. There have been confirmed cases of deaths in hospitals around the area.
  • Recce Squad, Flying Squad, Anti-Terrorism Police Unit and the bomb squad have all responded to the situation.
  • There has been a big problem of getting victims to the hospital due to heavy traffic on the roads.
  • One suspected has already been arrested in connection to the attack. Police are using a map of the building to establish the position of the attackers.
  • The attack, which al Shabaab has taken responsibility for, comes exactly three years after the deadly battle of el Adde which took place in the soils of Somalia.
more to follow.

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