Where Are The Riverside Attack Suspects?

Where Are The Riverside Attack Suspects?

A blast, a burst of gunfire then total mayhem at the 14 Riverside Complex yesterday as Al Shabaab militants attacked in what authorities call a revenge attack. Exactly 3 years after the deadly attack on KDF soldiers at El Adde in Somalia, questions arise as to what next. Despite hundreds of Kenyans saved from the premises, police and security forces have cordoned the area off as they complete the mission. One question lingering is, where are the suspects? Are they dead? Did they live?

For purposes and closure and ease to move on, Kenyans continue to wonder where the ruthless assailants that attacked Nairobi on 15th January are.

Some media reports indicated that a suspect had been arrested but it was later confirmed that he was an armed lawyer attempting to rescue people.

As per the statements by the Kenyan Police Chief and Cabinet Secretary in charge of Interior, no mention has been made of the exact number of gunmen and their status.

Years ago, in the attack at Westgate mall, nobody is certain how many gunmen were at the venue and how many got away. pressure continues to mount on the government of Kenya to at least give evidence and assure Kenyans that they apprehended the suspects.

Update: Reports now show that two of the gunmen have been killed.


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