Shock As New Details Suggest Riverside Terrorists Had Insider Help

Shock As New Details Suggest Riverside Terrorists Had Insider Help

Expert analysis shows that from the time the Al Shabaab militants entered the 14 Riverside Complex, to the time they were killed, the heavy ammunition used could not have been carried into the site at once. Furthermore, detectives found a room within the Dusit D2 Hotel that had more weapons. It is in this room that the commander of the group, who was last to be killed, set up his final fort.

In the aftermath of the attack, security officials found a stock of rounds of ammunition grenades that were in a bulletproof room.

According to the Star, an officer privy to the operation reported;

“It took us very long to break into the room because the armoured door was very difficult to break. When we finally did, the commander, who was the last person to be killed, had so many grenades and rounds of ammunition in the room,”

According to preliminary investigations, it is very likely that some hotel employees helped the attackers get the weaponry into the hotel before Tuesday.
Some of the weapons were on the floor, while many more were in several drawers. They were wrapped in hotel laundry bags.

“We suspect an inside job considering these people had been frequenting the place as they schemed the attack,” said another officer who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not the official police spokesperson.

The commander of the group seemed well trained and gave the officers a very hard time as the siege extended for over 19 hours into the night and early morning.

It is unclear whether the accomplices could have been killed or escaped. Detectives continue with the investigations.

Meanwhile, a suspected bride of one of the attackers is missing and is believed to have escaped after the terror incident.

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