Mystery Puzzle Of Missing Dusit 'Suspect'

Mystery Puzzle Of Missing Dusit 'Suspect' Violet Kemunto

Ever since details started emerging of the masterminds of the Dusit hotel attack, media has been awash of stories of a young woman suspected to be involved. In fact, many media outlets report that she was in custody. However, in a press statement by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), the name of the woman wasn't among the five. Is it intentional?

Violet Kemunto: Unmasking wife of key terror suspect in Riverside attack -

New details continued to emerge about the assailants who staged a terror attack at the 14 Riverside Drive in Nairobi, killing 21 people and injuring scores of others. Citizen Digital on Thursday obtained an image of the woman said to have been living with one of the main terror suspects in the Riverside attack.

Deadly love: Story of terror couple Violet Kemunto and Salim Gichunge

One of the terrorists in the attack on a Nairobi business complex was a son of a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldier. Ali Salim Gichunge, alias Farouk, is believed to have died in the Tuesday attack after commandos stormed the 14 Riverside Drive complex in the afternoon to end an attack that claimed 21 lives.

What Violet Kemunto wrote on Facebook a day to DusitD2 terror attack

More fresh details continues to emerge following DusitD2 Complex invention and the mystery behind those who planned and executed the horrendous attack on Tuesday afternoon. With contradicting information coming out about Violet Kemunto, the woman believed to be the wife of prime suspect Ali Gichunge, all indications are that the couple had all along planned to move out of Ruaka Estate.

On Friday, 18th January, the ODPP posted a statement on Twitter;

Mystery Puzzle Of Missing Dusit 'Suspect'

Mystery Puzzle Of Missing Dusit 'Suspect'

The ODPP listed the 5 suspects as Osman Ibrahim, Guleid Abdihakim, Gladys Kaari Justus, Oliver Kanyago Muthee, and Joel Ng'ang'a Wainaina as those arrested.

Mystery Puzzle Of Missing Dusit 'Suspect'

Details of suspects in the above photo; (Right to Left)
1.) Taxi driver, ferried attackers to several locations
2,)  Taxi driver, ferried one of the attackers to #dusitD2
3.) Mpesa agent who sent them money
4.)  Was communicating with the attackers
5.) Captured by CCTV talking to one of the attackers

It's interesting to note that the name of Violet Kemunto Omwoyo is missing from the list. Some reports suggest that she already fled the country.

Or did she get a plea bargain from the Government?

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