This Woman Provided Security Officers With Food During The Attack And Kenyans Can't Thank Her Enough

This Woman Provided Security Officers With Food During The Attack And Kenyans Can't Thank Her Enough

The first responders to the scene of the terrorist attack that happened yesterday worked under tough conditions with bullets flying right above their heads to ensure that all victims of the unfortunate event returned safely to their families.

Police officers who risked their lives to neutralize the terrorists had to go without food and worked for hours and hours on end to bring back normalcy. One of the officers was pictured walking barefoot and had to go through the pain and humiliation of being called a terrorist as a result of the actions of keyboard analysts.

In the prevailing circumstances of difficulty, a woman came out with utmost patriotism and heartlessness in solidarity of the men in uniform.
The lady, whose name we have not identified yet, can be pictured serving police officers with tea and bread from the boot of her car.
The picture which was shared by Mercy Juma on social media has caught the eye of many people who cannot thank her enough for her selflessness.

Many Kenyans like her showed up in their own different capacities to help fellow Kenyans in need. There was an enormous response to the blood donation appeals made by various hospitals that had been overwhelmed by the injured taken to their facilities.


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