The Reward Of 72 Virgins: Inside A Suicide Bomber's Mind

Sifting through urban myth and stories, we take a closer look at the Houri - the lovely eyed virgins that will accompany the faithful in Jannah ( Muslim Paradise). Besides that, we look at the motivation of the men and women who decide to take their lives in the most violent way possible - bombs.

As more details trickled in of the nature of the attack at the Dusit Hotel, one shocking element was hard to miss. For the first time in a while, there was a suicide bomber in the plan. A video circulating online shows the man standing still, as if to contemplate his decision, before he blows up and bits of him get thrown all over the pavement and lawn.

All talk on social media is the common tale that jihadists take their lives and look forward to a promise. A promise of a dozen of "splendid companions of equal age [or well-matched]","lovely eyed",of "modest gaze" and virgins who will accompany the faithful in Jannah (Muslim paradise).

The Qur'an records that the first of the grants to those who make it, is the houris "untouched before them by man or Jinni".

In an article in Psychology Today, the writer attempts to explain the rationale behind the suicide bomber.
He hypothesizes that the motivation might be due to the lunacy of the person or humans' preoccupation with brutality. Perhaps our species is fascinated by the innovation and dedication it takes to do the task.

Secondly, the power of society shapes our beliefs and gives rules that we follow.

Once society settles on a set of values and the accepted ways of obtaining them, individuals within the society, any society, are compelled to follow the path.
This can now be linked with the beliefs of some religions.

Finally, the writer adds a factor he calls 'true believer-ism'.  This is the absolute belief that you and your group are the holders of The Truth. Believers of Jihad, in traditional Islamic law, define it as an armed struggle against unbelievers. On the other hand, modern scholars mostly equate military jihad with defensive warfare.

In majority of the cases, individuals who decide to give up their lives in this way, believe they do it for the greater good of their group.

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