Slay Queen Steve Mbogo Arrested In Connection To His Riverside Appearance

Slay Queen Steve Mbogo Arrested In Connection To His Riverside Appearance

Former Starehe Constituency aspirant representing the Orange Democratic Movement Steve Mbogo has reportedly been arrested in connection to his appearance during the unfortunate terrorism incident at Riverside yesterday.
Disgraced blogger Cyprian Nyakundi says in his blog that he has reliable sources that confirmed to him Steve Mbogo was picked up by police officers at 11AM and is currently being held at Nairobi Area Police Station.

Cyprian Nyakundi alleges that Steve Mbogo has found himself on the wrong side of the law despite an attempt at heroism because he is not a licensed firearm holder and is not permitted by the state to wear bullet proof vests in public.

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Steve Mbogo, like all other patriotic Kenyans, showed up at the terrorism scene but he was quite distinct from the rest of the civilians because he was donning a bullet proof vest and combat boots while brandishing an automatic weapon. His partner was also carrying a heavy gun and was conspicuously a fxck boy jacket.

Steve Mbogo, unlike all others, also had cameramen to record his heroic acts in all his glory as we have seen on social media in the past.
We cannot verify Nyakundi's claims and are in no way associate with his website, social media or his person in general.


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