The Truth About The Barefoot Cop Who Everyone Thought Was An Escaping Terrorist

The Truth About The Barefoot Cop Who Everyone Thought Was An Escaping Terrorist

An unsung hero who was among the very first to respond to the call of duty became the subject of unprofessional social media analyses with many users claiming he was a terrorist escaping from the building in the disguise of a police officer.
Sources within the police force have rubbished the rumors that the man is a terrorist and have identified him as a James who works with the intelligence service.
James was among the first officers to be deployed to the scene and he was commanded to man the footbridge near the sewer line.
James and all others who were manning the sewer line came under attack from a sniper and in the process of taking cover he fell in the sewer line and lost his shoes.
Due to the nature of the work they were doing and the urgency involved he did not attempt to look for his shoes and went on with the operation barefoot.
A good Samaritan gave James slippers with which he was scene escorting a police vehicle. The confusion came therein because the CCTV footage from the building had shown the attackers in open shoes with one of them wearing his baseball cap backwards. The dressing style was largely similar to James'.
An unnamed member of parliament at the terrorism scene later on gave James his shoes.


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