Angry Fan To Bahati: Makende Wewe! That House Is Rented, Not Yours!


It looks like childish gospel musician Bahati is finally meeting his match in the mean and cruel streets of Instagram. The musician who recently turned into a socialite and forgot about his music has been in the press for all the wrong reasons lately.
Bahati fell out with fellow musicians Mr Seed, Weezdom and David Wonder after he kicked them out of the label. The three insist that Bahati is a childish man who is controlled by his wife Diana. They claim that Diana is the one that makes all the decisions and imposes them on Bahati.
Mr Seed's fallout with Bahati was especially messed up because Mr Seed claims that Diana through the man kicked out his wife from his concert so that she would have a larger market for her coffee.
Mr Bahati took to Instagram to post some shallow inspirational words to his ever naive and moronic fans and was being showered with praise as always.
The fans talked about how awesome his outfit was and how motivational his words were until a man by the name Kevin Kamotho showed up.
Kevin has a problem with Bahati's decision to say on his trash reality show, Being Bahati, that he owns a house yet the house in question, according to Kamotho, is rented.
He hurled insults at Bahati with all kinds of profanities he could find. We stan a man who tells another childish man the truth like it is. We are here for all of it.
Una komboa apartment unandanganya ati nikwako jenga home kwanza mandeke wewe.
Angry Fan To Bahati: Makende Wewe! That House Is Rented, Not Yours!

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