NRM General Miguna Miguna Gives Uhuru Kenyatta Ultimatum

NRM General Miguna Miguna Gives Uhuru Kenyatta Ultimatum

NRM General Dr Miguna Miguna has gone to his preferred mode of communication and given President Uhuru Kenyatta an ultimatum . He went on to give five things that the President of the Republic of Kenya should do.

As he continues to prepare for his comeback in April, Miguna Miguna is as active as ever on the online platform Twitter.

He wrote;

FIVE things @UKenyatta must do before talking about the referendum:
(1) Full constitutional IMPLEMENTATION.
(2) OPENING the @IEBCKenya servers.
(4) REPATRIATING all looted public wealth.
(5) JUSTICE for Kenyans he murdered and tortured.

Some Kenyans swarmed in his comments to disagree with him;

3 Things @RailaOdinga Must do also be4 talking about self-centered  referendum:
1-Resign from politics
2-Apologise to Miguna Miguna
3-Apologise to NASA supporters who he betrayed in the name of handshake

Kenya doesn't need a referendum unless for reducing counties do away with senate & women reps..hence reduce wastage.. All Kenya needs is a free & fair elections.. We need to get our acts together around the elections.. Free and fair & be seen to be free and fair to  public.

Do we really need a referendum?  Or we want a referendum?  If we need it so be it.... If we want a referendum it's a waste of time,  money & resources  today when Kenyans are really suffering from the Mistakes we made of having a bloated  Government with duplication of roles!

Miguna, are you really sure that you want to go back to Kenya in April? I think you are likely to cause more chaos (that may cost your life) than any meaningful good.

A you talking about the same guy who stole election twice to do that, that is as well telling the devil  to accept Christ to pray for him.

Ah, Man with the same name twice. We salute your continuous fight for justice.

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