CS Amina: If You Think You Will Avoid HELB Repayments, You're HIGH

CS Amina: If You Think You Will Avoid HELB Repayments, You're HIGH

Education CS Amina Mohammed has declared that the about 74,000 graduates defaulting from HELB loans will be handed over to the police and debt collectors. This stringent measure is set to recover the almost 7.2 billion unpaid loans. You will now be tracked by law enforcement agencies.

The Ministry of Education insists that loanees must pay their loans to allow more loans for new students.

While some of these loanees have jobs, their salaries might be meagre forcing them to dodge payments. Some that spoke to Daily Updates Africa say that they do not even have jobs in the first place.

"It's okay. Let them come for me. I do not even have a job. Will they punish me for not paying a loan that I cannot afford?".

"This has really shocked me. I have tried to pay my loan but I have not finished because I lost my job. So where will I get the money? Take another loan?"

CS Amina says that they will use services such as MPESA and KRA to track loan defaulters. She says that increased university enrolment has stretched ministry resources and they have to apply new measures.

HELB has regularly sent messages to defaulters and fined them for missing payments. The Loans Board also resorted to contacting guarantors of past loans to follow up on payments.

Defaulters have an option of paying through MPESA or bank transfers. It is also possible to pay the loan through salary deductions by the employer.

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