Fans Turn Vera Sidika's Instagram Into A Nuclear War Zone! Too Many Shots

Fans Turn Vera Sidika's Instagram Into A Nuclear War Zone! Too Many Shots

There's the normal celebrity trying to be exciting, which is boring. Then there are the fans who make the comment section and life worth living for. Socialite and bumbum businesswoman Vera Sidika shared a mundane post. Then the comments quickly became Iraq.

She posted about an after movie session.

It all started here:

I won't bother sliding in your DMs I know it's flooded with everything irrelevant , somehow I hope you get to see this I fell in love with you within the minute that I took a selfie with you, you were even willing to hold the camera for a proper angle,you're so chill and humble in person,, long story short if you ever have interest in an ordinary guy,earning an ordinary salary ,driving an average car, living in an ordinary neighborhood , goes for a vacation once a year, goes to an ordinary movie theater ,someone who is not interested in your fame, lowkey kinda guy have your people reach me I would like to take you out and interact with you on a more personal level past what people see,have a goodnight ❤

Mans is in love. So he poured his heart out.

Aww.. Then..


@njenga_nj Awww ☺️ thanks for the compliment πŸ˜‡❤️

OMG..Vera replied.

All was going squeakily well.


@jk.trevor_ndungu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚this guy's confidence is on another level...let's wish him the best

@njenga_nj wake up dreaming time is over🀣🀣🀣🀣

Be Nice, Shirohbengbeng

@joy.njoroge.7169 he must be Indian πŸ˜‚ 🀣 🀣 🀣 🀣

@njenga_nj just Incase she doesn’t accept your request me okay ...mine isn’t as flooded πŸ˜… I can’t boast of anything close to her riches or body but I don’t mind going to an ordinary movie theater ...or a once a year vacay πŸ’•

Real shuga decided to divert Njenga's eyes from the real prize.


@njenga_nj Wewe Wacha mchezo Caroline mutuko alituambia tuachana na ordinary life..Sisi IG in-laws tumekata mambo ya ordinary

Lol. Look what the cat dragged in..

@arapkiongo says the lady who takes relationship advice from a 48 year old spinster ,what do you understand by ordinary because you sound so cheap ,read and understand!

Our mans decided to clap back.

We have the best samosa and rolls in Ghana !! Please call us on 0544784470 . A pack of 20pieces for 15cedis . Thank you

Then a random Ghanaian found his way here. SMH

@marionelwak Unfortunately I'm not Indian I'm Kenyan I can see you have a fetish for Indian men but don't worry I got you ,if you are familiar with river road go to the last lane they own most shops for spare parts throw yourself at any randomness Indian guy you come across.

Indian issa no. Hah.

@queenveebosset ati what a nice compliment. C ungemhurumia tu na unaona amejitetea from utosi adi kisigino. Adi amesema ye n lowkey na ata hajui inamaaniaha nini. Lkni nyi maceleb.,,,,😒

Squad fighting for Njenga.

@njenga_nj what is your description of cheap..Honey am a www. WOMAN.I make my own dollars n pay my own bills.I don’t rely on no human being not even my parents or siblings.I don’t seat around feeling pity for myself with the so called ordinary life..My life is ordinary on another level not on your level of hitting up on random people on IG because you see them slaying.Why Vera when there is lots of women wherever you are..Wake up from your slumber land.Pray n make it happen.There is no pity party here.Take a chill pill show up to make it happen..PEACE.

Uh Oh..

@arapkiongo you are too shallow for a person of your age, who are you to tell me what women I should go for or I should not go for,your whole existence is filled with backwardness ,you don't even know the difference between I'm and am,you know nothing don't even talk to me,good day

At least they sign off nicely, huh?

Fans Turn Vera Sidika's Instagram Into A Nuclear War Zone! Too Many Shots

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