Miguna Miguna : Somalia Kenya Beef Is Fake, Created By President Kenyatta

Miguna Miguna : Somalia Kenya Beef Is Fake, Created By President Kenyatta

The man with the same name twice Miguna Miguna has come out to make a very bold claim. He says that he does not believe in the Somalia Kenya diplomatic row. He says it is fake. This is why.

Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Amin, Bush, Trump - name them - tried to use the spectre of war and staged terrorist attacks to excite national patriotism and to blindfold the people from their atrocities. @UKenyatta is trying to do the same with the fake #SomaliaVsKenya.

Despots have used war or imaginary threats from foreigners as diversionary tactics in order to buy time or avoid dealing with real and concrete domestic issues such as election frauds, high unemployment, poverty, corruption, tribalism and human rights abuses. #SomaliaVsKenya

Dr. Miguna went on to claim that the row is a s a result of those in power trying to blind people from the troubles and problems of the ground.

Kenya wrote a very serious warning letter to Somalia claiming that the horn of Africa nation had auctioned some oil blocs in a disputed maritime area in the Indian Ocean.

Now Dr. Miguna likens this to dictators and despots who use proxy wars to hide the truth from their citizens.

He also talked about Migingo island;

Migingo Island has been occupied by Ugandan soldiers and police for more than 5 years. Many Kenyans who eke out a living on Migingo Island have been killed, tortured, harassed and humiliated. Yet @UKenyatta has never cut off diplomatic ties with @KagutaMuseveni. #SomaliaVsKenya

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