Mwalimu Rachel Roasted For Saying Richie Spice Is Not A Performer

Mwalimu Rachel Roasted For Saying Richie Spice Is Not  A Performer

Mwalimu Rachel, who is currently riding the wave of Miss Cashy's accusations against Khaligraph Jones, had it rough with supporters and fans of reggae maestro Richie Spice who was recently in the country for a show.
Kenyan reggae fans are a passionate lot and will never allow you to speak ill of their genre. They have been on record saying that no one ever gets stolen from during the reggae concerts when it is clear as day that those concerts are usually the equivalent of a Pickpockets' Convention.
Mwalimu Rachel attended the Richie Spice concert in her capacity as an employee of NRG Radio which was a media partner of the event. She is not a fan of reggae music and her show mainly focuses on hip hop and urban hits.
After the show, she made the horrible mistake of taking her opinion to Twitter and this did not augur well with Kenyans on Twitter.
Raiyaa section iliweza! Hii ndio section ya raha jipe mwenyewez! However I have to say, Richie Spice is a recording artist but not a performer. My opinion and observation. Blessed love!
Mwalimu Rachel came under heavy fire, with tweeps bringing up the past. She was pictured with Timmy Tdat in uncomfortable poses sometime back when he show was starting. The pictures were nothing serious and were just meant to promote the show but Kenyans have seemingly never forgoten.
She was attacked left right and center and when it was all enough, she retweeted a tweet that suggested Instagram is much better than Twitter. This is not true at all. We all know that Kenyan celebrities prefer Instagram to Twitter because that is where their egos are stroked the most. What a bunch of low self esteem individuals that Instagram app harbors.

The teacher couldn't take any criticism. Anyone who spoke against what she said was instantly blocked. What a hostile class Mwalimu Rachel. Call Wilson Sossion maybe?

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