Tanzania Slap Ivory Smuggling Queen With 15 Years Behind Bars

Freedom curtains have closed for notorious ivory smuggler Yang Fenglan after Tanzania handed her a 15 years prison sentence. She was involved in a massive ivory trafficking ring that span many countries in Africa.

The Chinese businesswoman had acquired the nickname "Ivory Queen" and at the time of arrest, she had helped smuggle hundreds of elephant tusks.

Elephants are hunted for their precious tusks that are in high demand in China and Asia.

The tusks are often used to make jewellery and ornaments. Some people use it as traditional medicine.

She has been sentenced for 15 years after being charged of smuggling over 2.5 million dollars worth of ivory from over 400 dead elephants.

Two Tanzanians were also sentenced in the same case.

Africa has witnessed a huge drop in elephant numbers over the past 10 years after demand for the ivory rose. Even though governments try to fight poaching, it continues to happen mainly through the help of corrupt government officials.

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