Fan Roasts Zari Hassan For Her Fake American Accent

Fan Roasts Zari Hassan For Her Fake American Accent

A fan took to Instagram to roast Zari Hassan for her fake American accent. According to the fan, copying Americans just shows you are not loyal to African culture.

She posted a video of her speaking while driving her car;

I mean, i love you too butttt...... learn to draw the line.

We still don't know who she was addressing.

But she says 'hayra' instead of 'hater' and a fan could have none of it. So they wrote:

Why do you say harers... we try to copy Americans even when we know it’s so wrong.. it’s haters.. that’s the correct pronunciation...just a sister having your back..

She however deftly twists the comments to make it seem like she is helping Zari.

Is she right?

Meanwhile, another fan complained that Zari was not responding to her DM's.

Hi Zari I’ve been DMing you for a while now and haven’t responded to me, it’s all about women empowerment.

We would like to inform you that Instagram users who have verified accounts do not see all of your DM's.

So it might be wiser to try and caption them instead.

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