You Can Use Your Money But Don't Floss Too Much, NYS Suspect Told

You Can Use Your Money But Don't Floss Too Much, NYS Suspect Told

Kenya continues to prove why it is on the list of most corrupt countries in the world. Lillian Omollo, who was Youth and Gender Affairs Principal Secretary implicated in the NYS scam has been allowed to use her 10 bank accounts again.

The suspects accounts were frozen by a court order during the investigations in which she is among the 44 who were accused.

The Lady Justice Hedwig Ong’udi gave back permission to use her accounts and asked her not to floss too much but just use 2 million shillings a month. This would go to her personal expenses.

She has six Equity Bank accounts and four Diamond Trust Bank accounts.

There is a lot of room for her to adjust her lifestyle to fit into her current financial status given that there is high public interest in the money from NYS which led her to be charged with a criminal offense, and which cannot just be wished away.

The suspect had filed a petition to have access to her accounts back. She argued, through her lawyers, that she needs money for day to day expenses. She had asked for 6.8 million monthly limit but it seems she will still be happy with the sh 2 million.

So how much do the 10 accounts really hold?

How has she survived ever since the accounts were frozen. Does she have extra accounts elsewhere?

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