KochoKocho. How Safaricom Holds Kenya's Telco Market By Its Balls

Companies manipulate you everyday to use their products. Through promotion after promotion, Safaricom has such a strong grip on the Kenyan market that a new entrant is entertaining suicidal thoughts. Worse still, as they get richer every year, it becomes even harder to remove them at the top.

Every other time, Safaricom subscribers get messages of a new promo in town. The model is always the same, it's just the name that changes. Now parading itself under 'Shukrani Kochokocho Kenya Nzima' promotion, Safaricom has Kenya by its balls. The grip is not loosening any time soon.

Out of all subscribers participating in these competitions, less than 5% win something tangible. Like the proverbial stick and carrot, Safaricom dangles the carrots that has users spending even more. By the end of these promotions, they make so much money that giving out the more than 100 million is a piece of cake.

Using an almost similar model with betting companies, giving out a jackpot or a grand prize is a clever tactic. Millions will spend with the hope of winning that jackpot. Statistically, only a few can win. It is a model that will always work because humans always dream of a better future.

With a solid grip on mobile money MPESA, the company continues to make supernormal profits and pay millions in taxes, which makes the government happy. It is therefore difficult for the government to punish the same entity fattening their pockets.

With one of the most expensive internet out there, Safaricom continues to set high prices because most people have no other option.

The money continues to roll in.

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