Boniface Mwangi Accuses Police Of Killing Caroline Mwatha In Emotional Article

Boniface Mwangi Accuses Police Of Killing Caroline Mwatha In Emotional Article

Activist Boniface Mwangi has come out all guns blazing and squarely blaming the police for their involvement in the murder of the late Caroline Mwatha. He points the accusing finger and goes ahead to raise questions that the police will definitely be uncomfortable about.

Caroline Mwatha was murdered. Police have presented their version of what transpired and identified the murder suspects, yet many questions still beg for an answer. We don’t know how she ended up in the clinic.

He starts with the claim itself. Caroline Mwatha was murdered. He says the missing links in the story are clear evidence that we have not been told the whole truth.

Did she walk there by herself? Was she threatened, or coerced to go to that clinic? To date, her phone is still missing.

He raises questions on how Ms Mwatha's phone is still missing. The police earlier released a statement and the message exchange between Ms Mwatha and her alleged boyfriend.

Perhaps the key point of Mr Mwangi's article is this:

It is not lost on us that the people who celebrated Caroline’s death are the police hit squad, nicknamed “Hessy”. Hessy isn’t an individual, but a bunch of sadistic police officers who routinely execute suspects in Eastlands every other day.
After Caroline’s body was found, they did a long post on Facebook. In October 2018, Kenya Police executed 11 people in Dandora and in November, more young people were shot dead.
Daily Updates earlier wrote an article about the post by Hessy wa Dandora saying they did not kill Ms Mwatha. They also added the number of abortions she had done.

Reports saying that the morgue records were altered with at least add some weight to the claim that Ms Mwatha could have been killed. The story remains mysterious, however, because it has always been difficult to reopen a case that the police have already closed.

I don’t know the exact circumstances of Caroline’s death, but I am certain she was murdered.

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