Moses Kuria's Shocking Secret..

Moses Kuria's Shocking Secret..

The Gatundu South legislator took to Facebook to share a secret that only a few know of. He laid the details of the 2019 plan that some people in the government must be aware of. What is Moses Kuria on to?

On 15th February, he posted the following message on Facebook;

Dear Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and the Indian Ocean. We are about to embark on a Biometric Census. This is about Kenyans. Do not try to get your nationals to cross over to beef up the numbers of some communities. This simply won’t work. We will use biometric technology not improvised explosive devices (IED’s) . And to the Chiefs and Sub-Chiefs along our borders, your loyalty should be to your country not your communities

The Government of Kenya is planning to hold a national census, as required by law, later this year.

In this cryptic message allegedly addressed to Kenya's neighbours, he warns them of sending people to come and pretend to be Kenyans.

Is someone planning to inflate community numbers for political gain?

He even brings in a bit of humour by saying that Kenya will use biometric technology and not improvised explosive devices (IED's).

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