I Love You To Death, Caroline Mutoko Sends Sweet Message To Akothee

I Love You To Death, Caroline Mutoko Sends Sweet Message To Akothee

Veteran radio queen Caroline Mutoko has come to the defense of the chair-lady of single mothers Akothee who has been on the receiving end of online users who felt her choice of dancing moves and clothes were inappropriate during a recent concert.
Here's a transcribed version of the video she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Hey you caught me having a look at all the things you love to talk about and then something I like to talk about. Can we get rid of one completely inane and unnecessary conversation. Akothee and whether she's a role model to our daughters. Let me ask you something. Who are your children that they listen to Akothee? I know who she is and other than the song she did with Diamond I don't know any other song she has done and I'm saying this because I'm very well aware that Akothee's target market is by no means teeny boppers, is by no means females of a certain age. They follow her because they love her boldness on Instagram I do too. I mean sometimes she says something and I'm like I love you. And you know what, there's a lot of closet men and women who can't get over her boldness. She's the kind of chick you love to hate but then again you can't but admire her because she's unapologetic. But this whole saga of oh my gosh she isn't a role model to our children. Who are your children that they listen to Akothee. Let's just start there cuz you really need to check yourself first. And Britney Spears once said this, and I believe a few other musicians have said this it is not their job to raise your children. It is not Akothee's job to be a role model to your children. If you do not agree with how she is and what she does your job is to do what our mothers did is actually point her out and say huyu anafanya bad manners. That one is not a woman you want to be like, but you act like it's her job to mentor your kids and then force it on her? This is the other thing I can't stand that you wake up and decide that any person with a public profile needs to be shackled into this box. And I always put it this way so you're like I'm going to force it to be a role model so please fit into this box and if you don't I'm gonna keep pushing. I don't care, okay. I am doing me. If you feel that what I do stand for does not work for your brand of parenting your lifestyle or even your aspirations, step away. But do not go and ask somebody else who's getting on with their thing their way and they're a full grown up, that you've got to be wonderful because I think my child might want to be like you. Your children are listening to Justin Bieber and Rihanna and I don't know and Avril and King Kaka and if you're in your 20s I'm hoping that right now Cardi B is you know all you want. Could you explain to me exactly at what point you've decided that Akothee owes you anything? I'm just I'm also tired by that thing. Akothee keep doing what you do I love your style on Instagram baby. I don't know any of your music and I haven't been to any of your concerts. And here's the thing because I can't sing sing along. But if you ever asked me out to tea I would come happily. But really which cool young person, which young person in any part of Kenya is listening to Akothee? She's never written music for small people. She's never gonna be asked to do music for Sesame Street. She's not gonna be invited to club Kiboko if it's still there (now you know how old I am), is she? She's not that person she has never marketed herself as such and I don't think she's trying to be. So um before you get your knickers in a twist the next time, Ask yourself, is that person truly writing music for our kids? And if she is or you've decided I think you need to look at your choices again. I have no beef with Akothee whatsoever. Keep going mama love you to death.

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