Huddah Monroe Confirms She Listens To Lamba Lolo

Huddah Monroe Confirms She Listens To Lamba Lolo

Geuka nikubeng, Geuka nikubeng... This catchy phrase comes from a song by Ethic Entertainment featuring the Kansoul. Guess what? Even Huddah Njoroge listens to it. Hard not to jam to the song by the Lamba Lolo squad who burst into the limelight in 2018.

In a Instagram post, Huddah posted a picture of herself with her back turned to face the camera.

She then captioned it;


Geuka Nikubeng......😝

She definitely knows what she is talking about;

Huddah Monroe Confirms She Listens To Lamba Lolo

In an interesting transition from ratchetness and the social life, Huddah now focusses on business with interests in cosmetics, cigars and other deals.

She even opened up a YouTube channel for her products.


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