Shocking: Bullets Have Lived For 12 Years In This Kericho Man's Body

Shocking: Bullets Have Lived For 12 Years In This Kericho Man's Body

For about twelve years, Collins Kiprono has been in pain and even coughs up blood sometimes. Two bullets got lodged in his body in 2007/2008 when police dispersed demonstrators during the start of the bloody post election violence.

Kiprono earns a living from selling maize in Kapsoit. He is a father of two daughters who is now appealing for financial and medical assistance to give him hope for a better life.

He says he only has a few more years if the bullets are not dealt with. The severed pain and trouble in breathing have made him lose hope in life.

Speaking to the media, Kiprono points a place in his land where he says he will be laid to rest because the future does not look that bright.

On December 26, 2007, Mr Kiprono was in Kericho town. When demonstrators started running battles with police, they shot teargas and live bullets at the protesters.

He was hit by two bullets that have remained in his chest cavity for all that time.

He says he did not realize he had bullets even though he saw blood on his shirt. After an operation at Kericho County Hospital, doctors said that the manner in which the bullets had been lodged was a huge health risk.

They said that removing the bullets would have led to his death.

A second medical opinion from Tenwek Mission Hospital confirmed that indeed, removing the bullets would be a bad decision.

Twelve years later and the bullets are taking a toll on him as the human body is not designed to have foreign bodies in it.


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